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Food Heating and Cooking Solution

HOTLOGIC® appliances evenly cook or heat food to the perfect temperature and hold it there for up to 12 hours.

Say goodbye to waiting in line, food splatter, cold centers, and dry food.

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Perfect For:

  • Breakrooms
  • Medical Facilities
  • Senior Communities
  • Food Delivery
  • Banquet Halls
  • Emergency Reponse

And so much more!

HOTLOGIC® Appliances

HOTLOGIC® 4-Shelf Appliance

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Perfect for small offices or your family kitchen featuring 4 shelves.

11.75″ W x 15″H
12.625″D, Weight 24lbs

HOTLOGIC® 8-Shelf Appliance


Ideal for breakrooms and larger offices, this model has 8 shelves.

27.7″ W x 15″H
12.625″D, Weight 47lbs

HOTLOGIC® Touchless 8-Shelf


Our 8-shelf touchless version opens with a wave of your hand.

27.7″ W x 15″H
12.625″D, Weight 47lbs

HOTLOGIC® Appliances

HOTLOGIC® Appliances eliminate the long waits, the unsanitary conditions, the super-hot, burnt edges and the frozen centers that come with the break room microwave.

Using patented SmartShelf™ Technology, HOTLOGIC® Appliances cook or heat meals slowly and evenly, preserving the moisture and flavor of the food. Then it holds each meal at a hot, serving safe temperature for hours.

This revolutionary appliance will save you time and money as it uses less energy than a microwave to heat or cook. It’s also more sanitary than a microwave because meals are cooked in a sealed container and the slow, even, heating eliminates splatter and exploding food.

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Frequently Asked

No. HOTLOGIC® is an automatic oven. Just place your meal on a shelf that
is blinking red, make sure it turns blue before you walk away and go about
your day. Your meal is ready when the shelf light is solid red.

Yes, you can plug it in and go about your day. Once the meal is reheated,
it will be held to a perfect temperature for you—that is not dried out or
overcooked for up to 12 hours.

HOTLOGIC® Appliances warm or cook 4-8 entrees in the same counter
space as a microwave and can also be stacked to get 8:1, 16:1 and 24:1
space savings ratio.

You can use any flat-bottomed sealed container (cardboard, metal,
plastic, and glass). In addition, any dishwasher or microwave-safe container
can be used.

HOTLOGIC® Appliances use (6 amps). HOTLOGIC® supports corporate
sustainability as cabinets use significantly less energy than a microwave.
Units are UL Certified and won’t overheat or burn food.

Yes. We offer you a one-year warranty.

Blinking red = shelf is ready to place food onto. Solid Blue = Food is
heating but not yet ready to eat. Solid red = Food is heated and ready to

Sometimes the reason a shelf isn’t red is because a meal has just come
off from the shelf and it has not reset.

Unplug and let unit completely cool down when resetting.

Leftovers, frozen meals and cooking from scratch.

Unplug your unit and allow it to cool to room temperature before cleaning.
Do not use abrasive or harsh cleaners or abrasive scrub pads. Do not
submerge the device in water. Use a soft, damp cloth or paper towel and a mild cleaner (if needed) to clean surfaces. Do NOT spray cleaner directly on
surfaces to be cleaned. Spray cleaner into a cloth, then clean surfaces.

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